2019 YAA Volunteers

2018 YAA Volunteers

Many Volunteers Make Light the Work.  From leadership to carpentry, and class instruction – they do it all!  Please join the list of Volunteers with your expertise!  We look forward to seeing you at YAA!  Thank you for your service ~ YAA could not do it without you!


2018 Volunteers - Thank You!

Harold Anderson

Jane A. Church

Susan Bates

Terry & Creda Beaulieu

Mike Benham

Virginia Calvo

Betsy Cromley

Penny Eldridge

Alan & Diane Fairbanks

Gene Gallapeau

Ken & Sally Gilbride

Susan Goodby

Doug & Bobbie Gray

Mary Harding

Lou Hargan

Beth Harrison

Wendy WH Hazen

Denise H. Forsyth

Dennis Glidden

Diane Johnson

Sandra Keller


Martha King

Deb Kolbjornsen

Cynthia Knowles

Ann Littlefield

Rhonda Lynch

Thomas Merriam

Bill Moore

Susan Moreau

Taryn Myers

Sandy Nelson

Newton Family

Ellen Pelletier

Drew Poulopolous

Martha King

Georgia Renfroe

Ellen Snow

Fritz Steele

Ivan Stefanov

Krista Sullivan

Alice Lee Timmins

Aimee Timmins

Mike Vittorioso

Susan Wierzba

Alyssa Wright