Exhibit Instructions & Forms

Gallery Guidelines

Guidelines for Gallery Sitters

Before arriving double-check the gallery sitting schedule, or check with your Show Chair to make sure that you have the right day, and time.

If it is your first time gallery sitting please make sure to alert the Show Chairman ahead of time, and/or the Gallery Manager so that they may walk you through the procedures.

Put the OPEN flag in the holder on the outside of the building (if you are facing the building the flag holder is located to the far right side of the building).

Flip the CLOSED sign in the gallery window to read OPEN.
Turn on all lights in gallery and gift shop.

Adjust the heat, or air conditioning as needed.

Check the gallery for overall neatness and tidy up if needed, i.e. sweep, dust, check bathroom for supplies.

Be sure that you have located: the YAA 2010 Artist Agreements book, the binder labeled “Instructions for Gallery Sitters,” and the Check List for use during your shift. Also, make sure that the gift shop artist listings and pricing binder is in its place in the gift shop.

Make sure the artist’s biography book is accessible to visitors, as well as the guest book.

Check List
In the gallery you will find a clipboard with check lists attached. (In an attempt to streamline procedures, this Check List has replaced the Log Book.) Please sign, and date this checklist, and use it as your guide during opening, and closing procedures. Also use it to record the number of visitors during your shift, and tally up the total number of visitors at the end of the day. Feel free to record any notes, or write down any questions that visitors may ask during your shift. If there is not enough room on the front of the checklist, please utilize the reverse side of the paper.


Welcome Visitors and Handle Sales
Call visitors’ attention to the Artist’s Biography Book, and offer to answer any questions. (Put a note in the book if an artist’s bio is missing, and also note this on the check list.)
Invite visitors to sign the Guest Book, and provide their e-mail address and tell them about YAA future shows.
Offer a YAA membership brochure, or application to interested parties.

Please make sure you record any gallery sales in the YAA 2010 Artists Agreement Book, and all gift shop sales in the Artist Listings and Pricing Notebook (located in the Gift Shop).


Closing The Gallery
Bring in the flag, turn OPEN sign to CLOSED and turn off lights except for one light in back of gallery (turned on, and off by the left hand switch by the back door).

Before leaving please check that all windows are closed and locked and that the bathroom and kitchen faucets are completely off.

Complete the Gallery Sitter’s Checklist during your shift and please put it on the Gallery Manager’s desk before you leave.

Lock door by turning bolt to the left. (You may have to raise the door knob slightly as you are locking the bolt.)

Before leaving, double-check that the door is locked.

York Art Association Show Chair Guidelines


General Information
If this is your first time as Show Chairman, you will need at least 4-6 other members to help you take in the art work. If this is your first show then you may need to seek some guidance from others who have chaired in the past.

Current board members or the Gallery Manager are a great resource.

You will need at least 4-6 other members to help you take in the artwork.
If your show is a juried show, then you will need to select a judge to jury.

This can be your choice or you can consult a list provided by YAA.
Judging for a juried show takes place on the Tuesday before the show date.

Stay nearby but allow the judge to be alone in the gallery with the artwork.

When judging is complete, the back of the ribbons should be filled out and signed by the judge then placed on the artwork. Invite the judge to the opening and ask if he/she would like to talk about the show. There is an honorarium of $50.00 given to the judge so have the Gallery Manager prepare a check for you.
Six weeks before the show inform the membership by e-mailing the Newsletter Coordinator all the information about the show and include a brief description

of the judge’s background and qualifications.
You will also need to work with the Publicity Chairman and send out a news

release with information about the show. The Gallery Manager is available to help you when needed.

Artists can drop off their art on the Sunday or Monday (4:00-6:00pm) of the week the show starts. In the Gallery Manager’s office is a box with the necessary items you will need to check in work. Artists will need to sign up for Gallery Sitting at the drop off. After the judging, call those artists whose work was not accepted and ask them to pick up their work the following day.
You and your helpers have Wednesday and Thursday morning to hang the show. The gallery is open Thursday and Friday from 2-7pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am-4pm.

A reception is held on Friday evening from 5:00-7:00pm. Artists will sign up to bring wine or snacks at the drop off. There are supplies in the kitchen such as cups, napkins and plates you can use. Arrive around 4:00pm to set up tables for food and beverages. You may ask for reimbursement of anything you purchased for the reception.
The Sunday and Monday after the show closes is when artists need to pick up their work from the show. Please have artists sign the artist agreement book when they pick up their work.


Checking in Art Work

Table 1 first position – Check membership list to see that artist’s dues are paid and collect $10.00 entry fee
Table 1 second position – Sign-up sheets for gallery sitting and food contribution for reception.

Table 2 – Hand out three part forms for artist to fill out. Have person at this table check forms making sure they are filled out completely. If an artist has filled them out ahead of time, ask them to proceed to Table 3.

Table 3 – Artwork titles are entered on the show inventory list and assigned a number. Gallery labels are made from this list.

Table 4 – Enter artwork titles, numbers and price in show agreement book. Make sure artist has signed the show agreement release.
Table 4 – Accept artwork to be juried making sure it is framed according to the framing guidelines* and place the yellow copy on back of artwork.

*Please see framing guidelines on the website.