Hanging Guidelines

Hanging Guidelines

Artwork submitted to any York Art Association exhibits should be:

  • the artist’s original work
  • not previously exhibited at YAA within the past 3 years
  • for sale, with the price determined by the artist.


A non refundable installation fee of $15 is charged for submission of 1 to 3 pieces of art to any show. Three is a set maximum. We guarantee that 1 piece will be exhibited (this is not to be interpreted as $5 each piece).

Any piece not exhibited in a show may be submitted, as appropriate, to a subsequent show. Artist will be contacted for pick up.

Two dimensional art must be framed and wired. Thoughtful matting and framing enhances the value of the piece when it is in harmony with the tone and style of the art.

Gallery-wrapped canvasses are also acceptable but must be wired. Shadow box frames may be wired for hanging or free standing.

Wiring is best attached to eye hooks or screw eyes and placed about 1/3 of the length from the top of the piece. This allows the art to hang flat against the wall. Wire should not be seen above the frame.

Unacceptable hardware includes: saw tooth hangers, spring clips, tension mounts, pop-in frames, sliding hardware, standing photo frames.

Three dimensional at should be free standing and stable. If some form of support is required, it must be provided by the artist.