Rent the gallery

Rent the YAA Gallery

Our Exhibition Gallery is able to provide tables, chairs and a comfortable capacity for up to 50 people. For details regarding the kitchen facility, please contact Creda Beaulieu, Office Manager.

Hourly rate – $50 for non-members, $40 for members. 


As liability insurance is required, those who are in need can purchase a daily liability insurance here. It is mandatory in order to proceed with renting the gallery. 

After the liability insurance has been accepted, the YAA Gallery will need the following information:

  • Name and Address of the Lessee
  • Emergency Cell Phone Number
  • Date and Time of Permitted Use
  • Applicable Rental Fee

Please note that a 50% deposit is required within 60 days of the event, and full payment is needed within 30 days.

Refunds are acceptable up until 30 days of the event. Administration fees are non-refundable.